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We are making exciting changes to our website with our official launch in October 2015. Thank you for your patience as we move NEUAC forward and thanks to the American Gas Association for its generous support of our new website.

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August LIHEAP Action Month

August Action Month is Not Over! Try the NEUAC Congressional Letter Tool for even quicker action!

With a few more weeks to go, please try to 1) Visit at least one local Congressional office OR 2) Attend a Town Hall meeting OR 3) Send a letter to the editor of your hometown news publication OR 4) Send a letter directly to your member of Congress with a few keyboard strokes.

Try our new Congressional Letter Tool from your desk. In less than four minutes (we timed it!), your message will be in the hands of your Congressional representative.

Check out NEUAC’s LIHEAP Action Month Tool Kit for everything you need to TAKE ACTION!

The NEUAC Congressional Letter Tool has been underwritten by these generous supporters: American Gas Association, Edison Electric Institute, Entergy and Pacific Gas & Electric.

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Low-Income Forum on Energy (LIFE). To further the dialogue between stakeholders throughout the low-income energy community, the Low-Income Forum on Energy (LIFE) is proud to host the LIFE Webinar Series. The LIFE Webinar Series serves as a venue for communicating information on assistance programs and current topics relevant to the low-income energy field to those involved in addressing the energy needs of low-income energy consumers. The Webinar Series is open to all and is available at no cost.

NEUAC member presenters: Skip Arnold, Exec. Director, Energy Outreach Colorado, Chris Hickling, Director, Government Relations, Edison Electric Institute and Jim Jacob, Exec. Director New Jersey Shares

To learn about the series or to register: LIFE Webinar Series

The EPA’s Clean Power Plan and Low-Income Customers

Monday, August 3, the EPA released its final rule changes around power plant emissions. NEUAC and its coalition members are still reviewing plan details, but part of the plan is focused on the needs of low-income communities. EPA has created a Clean Energy Incentive Program to help states reduce emissions faster. The fund encourages energy efficiency projects in income-challenged communities.

The EPA also notes broad input over the past year on the plan. NEUAC submitted comments and members met with the EPA earlier this year. Read NEUAC’s comments and the EPA’s document, 6 Things Every American Should Know About the Clean Power Plan and the Plan Fact Sheet.

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