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2015 National Energy & Utility Affordability Conference

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Upcoming Conference Highlights

Meet Ken Parker

Ken Parker You think it's hard to achieve success in this world? Trying losing your mother at age 2, and your father soon after. Try starting your career at a public utility by working as a landscaper ... and then try working your way up to one of the highest positions in corporate America.

If part of the reason to come to NEUAC 2015 is for inspiration, you most surely will not be disappointed when you hear Kenneth J. Parker, a senior vice president at Pepco Holdings, share his story.
Kenneth J. Parker, PEPCO Senior Vice President, Government Affairs and Corporate Citizenship Tuesday June 23, 12:30 p.m. luncheon speaker.

American Winter

Don't miss the opportunity to see the special adaptation of the Emmy nominated American Winter.

"Finally, a movie has arrived that shows the precariousness of the US economy for the majority of Americans, refusing to distinguish between a deserving and non-deserving poor" - Greg Kaufman, The Nation

"Walk A Mile" at the 2015 NEUAC Conference

The United Way of Central Maryland presents an interactive learning experience at the 2015 NEUAC conference, on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 23. You'll have the privilege of a role-playing opportunity with others to experience a brief glimpse into the difficulty of making daily choices for you and your loved ones, while up against the challenge of few resources and a complicated support system.

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